Wigan Sailing Club

The Friendly Sailing Club In The Heart Of Wigan

Wigan SC website - is undergoing a revamp, this means as we update our site some of the information or any links may be unavailable. 

If you are after advice or information regarding joining the club, please come down and have chat with any of the members who can put you on the right heading!

We are open for sailing on Wednesday evenings, Friday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday sessions too. Also please check our Facebook pages for updates.

2016 Winter Working

During the winter period Wigan SC never closes, its a period to make big improvements to the club facilities.

So far in 2016 we have a new club logo, carpark, new clubhouse flooring,  completely re-worked the dinghy park, installed a new storage container for the Wigan Canoe Group, a boat storage rack, the list is extensive!

We will be re-vamping our club website together with improvements for membership including 

on-line payments, on the day racing results and other benefits to come. 

So don't miss out come down and help YOUR club prepare for a very different 2016!

Recent Club Newsletters


This year we are offering boat advisors to help members with any issues they might have with their boats. If you have a new boat and are unsure how to rig it or if it has been a while and you would like a little help, please email Charlie Hitchen at Charlie@wigansailingclub.org.uk He will either be able to help you or put you into contact with someone who would be glad to help.